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How to Prepare Your Pup for Fall: Fido’s Fall Checklist

How to Prepare Your Pup for Fall: Fido’s Fall Checklist

We believe that maintaining a safe and healthy place for your dog to live in should be a top priority. In order to do so, his home and supplies should be checked to ensure they are still in good shape.

When is the best time to do this you may ask? You don’t have to wait until springtime. You can start as early as the fall season! Here’s a list that will guide you in accomplishing this task.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Yard

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The season’s strong winds will definitely cause a great number of leaves to accumulate in your yard. These may obscure things that are dangerous to your dog, such as sharp objects or debris. Grab your rake and remove the leaves from your yard so you are able to detect these objects as soon as possible.

Check if your plant bulbs have been properly secured and buried. Plant bulbs, such as tulips, are usually planted during the later parts of summer or early periods of fall so that they will be in full bloom when springtime arrives. However, dogs can accidentally ingest these bulbs.

It is important to check if the bulbs have been properly secured and buried in the ground. Keep a close watch on your dog, especially if they like digging. An alternate solution would be to plant the bulbs in areas where your dog cannot access them. Call the vet immediately if you think your dog has ingested a plant bulb.

Replenish Your Supply of Food and Supplements

You should never run low on your supply of dog food or pet supplements. This will spare you from the hassle of braving a snow storm or any kind of bad weather just to buy your dog his food, and ensure your supplements are delivered before you run out.

Check your dog’s supplies. Determine if they are damaged or if they are functioning well. Damage in your dog’s supplies, such as holes in his bed or loose parts in his toys, may cause danger to him. For example, he may accidentally ingests the stuffing of his bed or the small parts of a toy. If the supplies are damaged, fix and give them a good wash or better yet, replace them with a new one.

Strengthen Your Leashes

The weather may cause your dog’s leashes and ties to become less sturdy. Inspect them to see if damages are present which may cause them to easily break. This may cause your dog to be able to run free from your yard and get lost.

Start a Good Routine

Fall is a good season to create a new habit like encouraging your dog to exercise or introducing him to a great dog supplement such as NuVet Plus.

Here at NuVet Labs, our mission is to make sure our furry friends live in a healthy and secure environment. Our passion for pet well-being inspired us to develop highest quality pet supplements to support the pet from the inside. Our canine and feline supplements consists of the highest quality ingredients, manufactured in an FDA-registered laboratory. This could give your dog a more positive and healthier lifestyle.

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