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How To Pet Proof Your Home For Your New Family Member

How To Pet Proof Your Home For Your New Family Member

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When you have a furry family member, it is important to pet proof your home to ensure it is safe for your new pet. While you can never completely prevent every situation unless you put your dog in a sterile bubble, which is really no fun for you or him, covering the following areas of your home will cut down on the potential for bad situations.

Medications, Chemicals and Foods

This is the first thing that most pet parents think of, as these are the most common things for pets to get into. Put all medications, even over-the-counter meds, in a secured cabinet or drawer. Keep household chemicals up high in a cabinet or other secure location where your fur baby can’t get to them. Cosmetics and nail polish should also be stored in a locked place. Even seemingly harmless food items, like a canister of flour or shaker of salt, can be potentially life-threatening if ingested in large quantities, so make the most use of your cabinets and pantry as you can.

Clothing and Shoes

No one likes to come home after a hard day at the office to find a brand-new pair of leather shoes or a lovely leather handbag torn to shreds by emerging puppy teeth. However, while these items are expensive to replace, they can pose a health threat to your pet. Shoelaces can get wrapped around inside tiny tummies and intestines, or cause a choking hazard. Handbag hardware and leathers can also pose a choking hazard. Keep as many enticing, chewable items out of reach whenever possible. Your closet is a great place to hide these things.

Cords and Wires

This is another attractive nuisance for pets. Cords and wires just look yummy, but can pose choking or electrocution hazards. Keep cords out of reach if you can. Most of the time, this is not feasible. You can purchase devices to keep cords stowed away so they aren’t as attractive to your pet.

Doors and Windows

A lot of dogs and cats are great escape artists, especially when they are very young. Don’t leave your pet unattended around open windows; dogs and cats can break through a screen in nano-seconds. You can also purchase child-proofing devices that will keep your pets inside and allow you to keep your windows open to let a breeze flow through. When you open doors, it may be a good idea to keep your pet leashed or secured in another room so he can’t slip out the door into the big, scary world outside.

Alarm System

If you work outside the home or your pet spends a lot of time home alone, an alarm system is a great idea. Just before Thanksgiving, a home in the sleepy southern Illinois town of Eldorado burned and was a total loss,  but thanks to an alert from the alarm system, the home owner was able to get home from work in time to save one of the family dogs. An alarm system can give your pet a better chance at survival in the event of an emergency, as help will arrive sooner than without an alarm.

Outdoor Concerns

A fenced yard is the best idea for dogs and dog owners. However, don’t rely solely on your fence to keep your pooch safe, as dogs can easily escape them. Even more of a concern are the people outside the fence. Dog thefts are on the rise, and many people with nefarious intentions are stealing family pets from yards. Keep an eye on your dog when he’s outside playing, and go out with him whenever possible.

After taking these steps to pet proof your home, you will be one step closer to being ready for your new furry family member. Now that you have made your home safe for your new pet, you can focus on their nutrition. By adding a high quality pet supplement to their daily diet, you can ensure they are getting the vitamins and minerals their body requires.

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