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Walking Fido Will Benefit Both of You!

Walking Fido Will Benefit Both of You!

The thought of waking up at least 30 minutes early to take your dog for a stroll before work does not necessarily sound appealing.The idea of spending half an hour walking the neighborhood before you can settle onto the couch for the evening may seem like a major hassle in your day. The truth is, that 30 minutes to an hour each day is likely to save you far greater inconveniences when it comes to your pup.

We want all pets to be put on the path to perfect health. Walking your dog daily is one of the simple ways to help your dog stay healthy. Read below about some of the less obvious benefits of walking Fido regularly.


Historically, dogs were bred for specific jobs – hunting, retrieving, guarding and herding. Today’s domesticated dog rarely has much responsibility, leaving little natural opportunity to expend his energy.

You may give your dog unlimited access to the backyard, but he’s most likely not going to do laps on his own. If he does, his normal play activity is still not sufficient exercise.

Adding a brisk 10 to 30 minute walk to your dog’s daily routine can help him use some of that pent up energy. A daily walk burns much of the energy your dog would otherwise focus on digging up the yard, chewing through your shoes or barking incessantly out of boredom.


Dog trainers like to say, “A tired dog is a good dog”. Regular walks are the easiest and most effective way to tire out your dog. When he’s wiped out, your dog is less excitable and likely to sleep better, meaning you’re likely to, as well.

However, walks are not just a tool to tire out your dog. It is also a way to improve Fido’s quality of life and get him thinking. When we are bored, we go to the movies, turn on the television or go play a sport. When your dog is bored, he waits for you to take him on his daily adventure – or walk.

You can also use the walk as an opportunity to improve your pup’s training. You can use the opportunity to teach him how to walk on a leash, sit, stay, etc. It may also be a good opportunity to socialize your dog, as there are generally other dogs walking in nearby neighborhoods as well.

Weight Control

In conjunction with proper diet, regular exercise through walking helps keep your dog’s body weight in line. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention cautions that overweight dogs are at a higher risk for various health concerns. Walking your dog regularly also ensures that you receive daily exercise.

Overall Health

Regular walks help prevent digestive issues, like constipation. Especially when paired with a pet supplement like NuVet Plus, which helps improve digestion.

Dogs who are walked daily are also often more agile and limber. If your dog suffers from hip and joint issues, you may think walking is off the table. However, there are options to help improve your pet’s quality of life. For example, adding a natural hip and joint supplement to their daily diet plan can help suppor their hip and joint health, expand mobility & flexibility, and keep joints lubricated.

Your Relationship

Not only do daily walks give you time to bond with your dog, but they build trust and support your role as the pack leader. This one-on-one time also gives your dog the attention he seeks from you without resorting to unruly behaviors.



6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog To A Groomer

6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog To A Groomer

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Keeping Fido looking his best is a priority for many dog parents. Our previous post elaborated on how to find a good dog groomer, but didn’t say why we need a dog groomer.

If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to your pup’s coat and nail maintenance, or you are just not sure about sending your pup to a professional dog groomer, continue reading to learn why you might want to give it a try.

1. Experience

You know and love your dog a lot. However, a dog groomer not only knows and loves dogs but also understands everything there is to know about dog fur and how to take care of it. Dogs of all shapes and sizes have probably walked through your groomer’s door. Trust that they have the experience required to properly care for your dog’s fur.

2. Great Products

Just like a human hair salon, a professional groomer has access to high quality products. They will have a variety of shampoos and conditioners formulated especially for dogs.

Your groomer should be able to determine which product will benefit your pet most, based on their hair and skin type. They will also be able to suggest products that you can purchase at home. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

One product many dog parents are turning to in an effort to maintain a shiny and healthy coat in their dog is NuVet Plus. To see what they have to say, visit NuVet Labs Facebook page.

3. Nail Trimming

A common issue that dog parents face is trimming their dog’s nails. Energetic dogs, coupled with lack of grooming experience and improper nail trimming equipment, can lead to the headache that is cutting a dog’s nails.

Injury to dogs and owner alike are not that uncommon. By allowing a trusted groomer to take over, you save yourself the headache and can relax knowing the job is being done properly.

4. Proper Equipment

A major bonus of taking your dog to a professional is the equipment your groomer has access to. Proper equipment helps make the grooming process more streamlined.

Special clippers, tubs and other equipment are all designed with the safety and well being of dogs in mind. As a result, you can prevent some of the safety issues, such as slipping in the tub, that a typical bathroom can pose for your dog.

5. Great Looking Pup

One of the greatest benefits for visiting the groomer is witnessing how great your dog looks and feels. In addition to a great new haircut, your pup may receive a massage that can help loosen any tense muscles, as well as de-stress your dog.

Your groomer will also be able to provide you with hair care tips to help keep Fido looking his best. Another great way to help support a healthy and shiny skin and coat for your dog is to provide him with NuVet Plus for dogs, which is trusted by dog parents and pet professionals everywhere.

6. Second Set of Well-Trained Eyes

During the grooming process, your groomer will be on the lookout for any strange skin issues, which they can alert you to. Your groomer will also be able to notice if your pup has any ticks or fleas. Since your groomer only sees Fido occasionally, they can provide an unbiased set of eyes that may be helpful.

Fortunately for pet parents, there are individuals who have devoted a large part of their lives to pet care. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of dog care experts, such as groomers, in your neighborhood.

Just like grooming, good nutrition is also important, which is why we created NuVet Plus canine formula. Formulated with a dog’s special needs in mind, you can feel confident in providing your pooch with this highest quality nutritional supplement.