NuVet® Testimonials

Misty’s Amazing Before and After Photos

 Dear NuVet Labs,

Misty, my 14 year old chow has been with me since she was a little puppy.   Like most pet owners, she is extremely important to me and her health and well being are foremost in my mind.

For the past 7 years, since I moved back to California with Misty… She started biting, scratching and … licking…nothing seemed to help her.   I was then forced to put her in an Elizabethan Collar.

I felt terrible that in her senior years she would have a diminished quality of life.   I was fortunate enough to come in contact with NuVet Plus.   Misty started on the supplement and within a few weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in her coat and skin…and she no longer had an unpleasant odor…

I am certain that Misty’s wonderful appearance and renewed vigor is the direct result of her taking NuVet Plus and we can’t thank you enough for your fantastic supplement.   It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so I am enclosing before and after pictures.

Ken Sagedy

Dinky the Cat…Lively and Vigorous!

 Dear NuVet Labs,

I felt that I must share with you the story about my 11 year old cat.  Dinky was always a big guy and weighed about 19 pounds all this life.   His weight started to dramatically drop to where his bones were showing.   The vet was not sure why his general health was suffering and he would not even give him his annual shots due to his dehydrated and weak condition.   He told me he wouldn’t last more than one week.

I was fortunate in coming in contact with NuVet Plus.   I started to give it to Dinky and he just started to fill out and come back to life.   In 30 days he had gone from 8 pounds to 12.4 pounds. He’s since had his shots and he looks wonderful.   Everyone is so amazed.   This product is absolutely phenomenal, we were ready to put him to sleep and I am so pleased we hesitated that night and give him extra time because he had just started to take the NuVet Plus.

It has been over 8 months now and Dinky is still lively and vigorous.   Everyone I know is using NuVet Plus with their dogs and cats and I am thankful to NuVet Labs for discovering such a wonderful supplement.

Anne P.

Samantha’s happier

Dear Nu Vet Labs,

A groomer suggested Nu Vet Plus, which my dog, Samantha, has been on the chewable wafer for a good two weeks now.   I noticed an improvement, after one week, in her skin condition.

She’s a happier dog because she’s back to following me around on my farm, while before she was lethargic and just worn out.  She looks so good in her eyes, telling me she feels so much better. Thank you !! 🙂



Poodle…Can Jump Onto Bed!

Dear NuVet Labs,

I just had to write to you about my Standard Poodle Jack, who is 5 years old.   I am in my late 60’s and after my husband died 3 years ago, my son got Jack for me.   He has been a wonderful companion and keeps me from being so lonely.   Poor Jack has had a problem with climbing stairs and walking ever since I had him.  It was impossible for him to join me in my upstairs bedroom at night because of this condition…

My groomer told me about NuVet Plus and told me to try it as they have a money back guarantee so it would not be a risk to my finances.   I started giving Jack the NuVet and after about 3 weeks he seemed to have more energy but was still not able to get up the stairs to my bedroom.   Since he seemed to be getting better, I ordered another month’s supply, your operators are very helpful and knowledgeable about the NuVet Plus and once again assured me that I would receive my money back if NuVet did not work.

Well, I’m crying tears of happiness now because my beloved Jack not only climbs the stairs but last night he JUMPED into bed with me.   If you ever have anyone who doesn’t believe in NuVet Plus, please have them get in touch with me and I will tell them that their pets should be using it.

Nora Albertson

Arlington, Virginia

Finicky Cat Loves NuVet Plus!

Dear NuVet Labs,

We want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product, and for making it taste so good!   Most animal “health” products on the market, almost have to be force-fed or “hidden” in the food some how, because kittens tend to be a bit “finicky” in their appetites.

Your product is totally tasty to our cats, and has made a tremendous difference, especially for one particular fellow we have.   “Noodles Romanoff” is a beautiful purebred Russian Blue cat who is a delight to us.

He hates his special diet food and would rather starve himself than eat it!   We had a huge dilemma as to whether to allow him to become as emaciated as he was getting, or let him eat the regular food and possibly lose him as a result anyway.   Noodles was very unhappy that he was the “special” kitty as well, since we had to separate him from the others and he “knew” that they were getting the “good stuff” to eat.   It was breaking our hearts.

Then we received your NuVet Plus daily feline supplement in the mail.   We figured we would give it a try with him – at least he’d get more nutrition with the little bites he did take.   We sprinkled a little bit on top of his specialty diet and mixed it up.   Imagine our surprise when he loved it!   He ate more than we had ever seen him eat, and looked up at the package waiting for more!

He now actually loves being the “special” kitty, and waits patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently!) for us to sprinkle his special diet food.   He then eagerly eats his meal.   His coat has improved, his energy, and most especially his appetite.

Thank you so much NuVet!   We can’t recommend this product highly enough to anyone with a “finicky” eater.   We know it has extended our kitty’s life and we are so grateful.

Dan & Marnie Taylor

North Carolina

Cocker Spaniel’s Skin Clear Up!

Dear NuVet Labs,

I have been battling skin problems with my Cocker Spaniel for 2 years.   It has been very frustrating. Thanks for the 7 day sample of NuVet Plus.   After the 2nd day, I started to notice the difference.   By the 7th day, the flakes were gone.   NuVet is a product that I would definitely recommend.


Pat Miller

12 Year Old Akita Regains Fur, Appetite and Energy!

Dear NuVet,

I just wanted to tell you haw thrilled I am about your vitamin supplements.   My dog is an Akita about 12 years…   Her energy level was at about zero.   After being told about your product, I called and bought it.   I was amazed at the natural ingredients.

I noticed Ninja’s energy level increased within a week.   I never thought to see such fast results.   Her fur is full…   Her appetite has increased too.   I am glad that she is feeling better.  I am very pleased with the NuVet and I would recommend anyone who cares about their pet to feed them NuVet supplements daily.


Noah – California