What You Need to Know About Your New Puppy’s Nutrition

What You Need to Know About Your New Puppy’s Nutrition

You wouldn’t feed your baby the same food that you eat. Similarly, a puppy shouldn’t eat the same food that an adult dog does. If you already have one or more adult dogs when introducing a new puppy to the home, you may be tempted to use the same dog food for everyone out of convenience. This can ultimately cause growth and digestion issues in your new friend. Finding the right food may seem like a daunting task but keeping in mind some fundamental information makes the decision pretty simple.

The Basics

All puppies need the following, in correct proportion, for appropriate growth:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

If a commercial brand dog food meets these requirements, it will have the words “complete” and “balanced” diet or nutrition. The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) monitors and allows these claims in one of two ways. The preferred method is through feeding trials that determine what AAFCO defines as “proper growth rates”. Foods that verify the nutritional components this way feature wording on the label that “complete and balanced nutrition” for a growing puppy was established through AAFCO trials. The alternate method of verification is through chemical analysis and provides a statement that the food meets the nutritional standards established by the AAFCO.  It is important to note that AAFCO provides the minimum standards to survive and not to necessarily to thrive.

Pet parents should discuss their medical care preferences with their veterinarian, as well as discuss other preventative care options such as a natural pet nutritional supplementsNuVet Plus is a natural pet supplement product that is formulated to provide your pet with all of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids and antioxidants that it needs

Why It Matters

When your puppy eats a balanced diet, he’s more likely to grow at the average rate for his breed. This minimizes the risk of skeletal issues while still resulting in the proper adult weight.

Meat and by-product meal ingredients offer higher value proteins than vegetable sources. Proteins supply amino acids which are necessary for tissue development. “Essential amino acids” are the 10 types that your puppy’s body can’t produce itself.

Fats, in proper amounts, supply energy, transport certain vitamins, minerals, and help to improve the skin and coat, while making the food tastier for your pup’s palette. Carbohydrates also supply energy. With either fats or carbohydrates lacking in his diet, your puppy will need to break down proteins for energy, thus lowering the amino acids available for tissue growth.

Feeding Tips

Pet owners often want to know whether to feed a puppy dry food or wet food. Wet or moist food is best for young puppies, who are still developing their teeth. Once your puppy has his full set of teeth, you can transition from wet food to dry food. Slowly decrease the amount of wet food in the bowl until your pup is comfortable eating dry kibble, or continue to give him the wet food if you prefer.

Avoid free-feeding your puppy, as this can lead to overeating and joint problems. Break his daily allotment into 2 to 4 meals until about 6 months, when 2 feedings will suffice. Your puppy should always have access to fresh water, but remember—the more your puppy drinks, the more often he will need to use the bathroom.

Don’t jump from food to food or brand to brand as this can cause digestive issues and create a fussy eater. If you have to change foods, mix the new with the old in increasing amounts over 4 or 5 days until there’s only new food in the bowl.

Make sure treats and human food comprise no more than 10% of your puppy’s total diet. If he’s getting balanced nutrition but you fear your puppy still isn’t as energetic or gaining weight as he should be, consult your vet about adding a supplement like NuVet Plus.

Monitor your Scraps

It’s a scenario that every pet parent has seen play out in their home. The family is sitting down to a delicious dinner complete with a perfect dessert. The aromas circulating throughout the home are enticing, and the beloved family dog is sitting beside the table just hoping for a few scraps. It’s tempting to throw your dog something that is delicious and good for you, but it’s important to remember that some table foods can be very dangerous. There are certain foods that your dog should never eat.

10 Things You Do Not Want Your Dog to Eat

  1. Avocados — They might be a super food for humans, but they are dangerous to dogs. Avocados contain persin, which is toxic to dogs in large amounts.
  2. Chocolate — All chocolate is bad for dogs, especially dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate. It can cause gastrointestinal issues.
  3. Alcohol — Even in small amounts, alcohol can be dangerous to dogs.
  4. Garlic and Onions — Garlic and onions might make every dish in your home more delicious, but these substances can hurt your dog’s red blood cells.
  5. Grapes — They appear to be a healthy, bite-sized snack for your pet, but an excessive amount of grapes can lead to kidney problems in dogs. Since grapes can be made into other items, including wine and raisins, take care not to feed these items to your dogs, either.
  6. Peaches — The pits of peaches contain cyanide, which is dangerous when consumed by both humans and dogs. Dogs often inadvertently eat peach pits when they snack on this tasty fruit.
  7. Raw meat — The bacteria on raw meat can cause your dog to suffer from food poisoning.
  8. Candy — Many candy products contain xylitol, which can disrupt your dog’s production of insulin and ultimately lead to liver problems.
  9. Macadamia nuts — Even eating just a few of these nuts can make a dog very sick.
  10. Ice Cream, Cheese, or Milk — Dairy products can upset your dog’s stomach and result in irregular bowel movement.

Warning Signs Your Dog Has Eaten Hazardous Food

While you may have the best intentions never to give your puppy any dangerous food, accidents happen. For your pet’s safety, it is important to know the warning signs your puppy has eaten something potentially hazardous, so you can seek veterinary attention.

Irregular bowel movement is an obvious sign of an upset stomach. If your pet overate, their stomach may be distended. Some harmful foods cause increased thirst. If your pet is shaking, drooling, panting excessively, or acting restless, they are trying to tell you something is wrong.

If you observe any of these signs, do not take a wait and see approach. Fast action can limit the reaction and may save your pet’s life. Call your vet right away or head to an emergency vet if it’s after hours.

Instead of giving your dog any human food, stick to high-quality pet food products. Be sure to supplement your dog’s diet with a product like NuVet Plus, which is specifically formulated to meet all of your dog’s daily nutritional requirements. The NuVet Plus reviews page provides pet parents with hundreds of NuVet reviews to peruse. On this page, you will find many satisfied pet parents who are thrilled that they chose NuVet Plus for their own pets. Check out the NuVet Plus reviews page today.


NuVet Plus: How Your Pet’s Health Can Benefit from Multivitamin Supplements

NuVet Plus: How Your Pet’s Health Can Benefit from Multivitamin Supplements


Why a Pet Supplement?

If you are reading this, you are obviously dedicated to providing your pet with the very best in life. Great toys, adequate exercise, plenty of love, affection, and great food. These things are great, and pets thrive on them. However, there is one thing missing from this list: a dietary supplement. There are many ways that a good supplement can help benefit your pet. Even the best food doesn’t always have everything your pet needs to look and feel better. If you haven’t started providing a daily pet supplement to your pet, the following information may change your mind.

Bones and Joints

As pets age, their bones and joints age as well. While some joint soreness and stiffness can be the result of physical wear, most joint and bone complications can be due to age, dietary considerations and breed considerations. There are supplements that are targeted to helping your pet’s joints and bones stay strong and healthy and reduce irritation in these areas. Choose a supplement with glucosamine for even better results for your pet’s bone and joint health.

Muscles and Soft Tissue

Most pets like to work hard and play harder. Sometimes they can over-exert a muscle, tendon or ligament just from running through the pet park or twisting to catch a frisbee. And again, as your pet ages, his muscles and related tissues will lose elasticity and can cause issues. This can lead to a lack of interest in fun activities, such as walks and a rousing game of fetch. A high quality supplement will help keep your pet’s soft tissues healthy and supple.

Skin and Coat

You most likely realize that a lower-quality, inexpensive food can make your pet’s skin and coat dry, dull and brittle. A better food, especially those that are grain free, can help reduce shedding, and help make your pet’s coat soft and fluffy. If you are curious as to whether you are feeding your pet a high-quality food, visit However, keep in mind that even the best pet food usually doesn’t contain the right levels of all the vitamins and nutrients your pet needs to have the best quality of life. A nutritional supplement will help close the gap and give your pet everything he needs.

Eyes, Ears and Teeth

As pets age, their vision can be reduced and their eyes can become cloudy. Their hearing may not be as strong as it was during their puppyhood. And wear on the teeth, as well as routine decay, can cause problems and make it difficult for your pet to even chew his kibble. A dietary supplement can help your pet’s eyes, ears and teeth stay healthy well into his senior years. Choose a supplement that is formulated to target these areas. Your pet could have clear vision, sharp hearing and healthy, strong teeth well into his golden years if you add a high quality supplement to his diet.

Reduced Medical Expenses

Just as with humans, an ounce of pre-pet prevention is worth a pound of veterinary cure. When you add a high quality supplement to your pet’s daily diet, it will help ensure that he stays healthy and has fewer trips to the veterinarian to diagnose and help with health problems that could have been prevented. The cost of a quality nutritional supplement is much less than vet bills that can occur to help problems that can be attributed to nutritional deficiencies.

How to Choose a Supplement

If you haven’t thought about a supplement yet, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices that are out there. It is important to do your homework before purchasing a supplement, and choose the right supplement for the specific health needs of your pet. Check the ingredients list, first and foremost. Then look for unbiased, third-party reviews of the product from pet parents just like you. And finally, compare prices if you are on a budget. But remember that price isn’t everything; you shouldn’t sacrifice your pet’s health to save money.

NuVet Plus

One of the best supplements on the market is NuVet Plus. This supplement is made of the best ingredients, and all ingredients in NuVet Plus are human grade, so your fur baby is getting the very best quality possible. NuVet Plus has changed the lives of many pets, and not only is the supplement well-crafted, it is also affordable for pet parents of any income level. For more information on NuVet Plus, visit our website. You can check out the list of ingredients and see unbiased testimonials from actual pet owners just like you. The site also has NuVet Labs reviews, so you can get a feel for the facility and staff that create our supplements. You can also read NuVet reviews and NuVet Plus reviews so you can check out the product. Once you discover all there is to know about NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus, you can place an order on our secure site for the right supplement to meet your pet’s need. You owe it to your pet to provide the very best in nutrition, and NuVet Plus is dedicated to helping you do that.

How NuVet Plus Can Help Improve Skin & Coat


Pets Need Nutrients

Pet owners are always searching for new and improved ways to help make their pets look beautiful, but the answer may be a lot simpler than anyone ever imagined. While some breeds do require grooming services, many pets will notice an improvement in their skin and coat when they enjoy a nutritious, well-balanced diet. It’s important to note that a pet’s nutritional requirements will not be met with pet food alone, and only a nutritional supplement such as NuVet Plus can fill in those gaps. NuVet Plus is expertly designed to contain all of the vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and minerals a pet needs in order to be healthy, energized and beautiful all at the same time.

How Does NuVet Plus Improve a Pet’s Skin and Coat?

  • The NuVet Plus formula was created over the course of an 8-year period, and it contains the finest quality ingredients as well as the best nutrients for pets. It is filled with amino acids that help body proteins with synthesis. Amino acids have been found to help prevent skin and coat problems from forming.
  • One of the essential ingredients in this supplement for improving a pet’s skin and coat is beta carotene. Beta carotene converts to Vitamin A in the body, and it promotes the development of healthy skin cells. This helps your pet’s body defend itself against toxic microorganisms which can cause sensitivities.
  • Potassium is included in this supplement, and it provides your pet with many benefits. While potassium is more commonly known for its heart health benefits, it also helps prevent your pet from suffering from dry skin. If your pet’s skin is too dry, it will resort to itching and scratching which can lead to more issues.

NuVet Plus helps protect your pet’s skin and it helps improve the appearance and shine of your pet’s coat. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the NuVet Plus reviews page for more information on how this supplement product has improved the lives of pets across the country.

How NuVet Plus Can Help Strengthen a Pet’s Immune System

NuVet Wants Your Pet To Stay Happy and Healthy

Your pet’s immune system is the key to its overall health, which is why pet parents should make an extra effort to help develop their pet’s immune system and protect it throughout its lifetime. The immune system is responsible for fighting off toxins and free radicals, and will allow your pet to develop into a strong, healthy adult. NuVet Plus is a pet nutritional supplement that helps provide your beloved animal with the immune support it needs in order to live a long, healthy and energetic life.

How Can NuVet Plus Help Strengthen a Pet’s Immune System?

  • Its formula, which took 8 years to perfect, contains a variety of amino acids that are essential to supporting and enhancing the immune system. Some amino acids that are included in NuVet Plus will work to activate antioxidants within the body, ensuring that your pet can easily fight off free radicals. There are 28 different types of amino acids, each packing a powerful nutritional punch for your pet.
  • NuVet Plus contains Blue Green Algae, which is pivotal to strengthening the immune system. Blue Green Algae is a chlorophyll source that provides benefits for the entire body, specifically promoting the development of a healthy, strong immune system. It promotes digestive health as well, which is important for your pet’s immune system.
  • This supplement also contains a variety of antioxidants as well as ingredients that are designed to activate antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants ward off free radicals, ultimately boosting your pet’s immune system and giving it a better chance of fighting off issues throughout its lifetime.

When your pet has a strong immune system, you will spend less time tending to a sick pet and more time enjoying those playful, fun moments together. Many people believe that the best thing they can do for their pet’s immune system is provide them with a high-quality food. While this is certainly beneficial, it will not meet all of your pet’s nutritional requirements and therefore will not give its immune system the strength it needs to be truly thrive. Check out the NuVet reviews page to see how this product has helped boost the immune systems of pets across the country. The NuVet Plus reviews page is designed to be an open and honest forum for pet parents who want to provide others with feedback and information about this powerful supplement.


Do Dogs Need Multivitamin Supplements?

Do Dogs Need Multivitamin Supplements?

The Answer is Yes

Some dog parents may shy away from the idea of a multivitamin supplement. There are many reasons for this: time, hassle, and cost. Some pet parents believe that dog food gives their dog everything they need to be healthy. So the question is, should your dog be taking a daily multivitamin supplement? The short answer is yes.

The following information will help you decide whether to feed your dog a supplement, and if so, which one.

Importance of Good Food

The foundation of a proper diet for your best friend is a high-quality diet. Raw food and homemade diets are becoming increasingly popular among pet parents. However, many dog moms and dads don’t have the time to cook every meal for their dog, and some just are not interested in doing so. And there is nothing wrong with that. You should definitely choose a food formulated for dogs; cat food is too high in fat, and other pet foods just aren’t made for dogs. An organic food is great, and some experts recommend grain-free diets for dogs. No matter what food you choose for your pooch, you can visit  for reviews and ratings.

Is a Supplement Necessary?

Even the best dog food may be lack important vitamins, minerals or nutrients. Dog foods are formulated to meet the health needs of most of the dogs they serve; no dog food can please every dog and every owner. For this reason alone, it is important to add a supplement to your dog’s diet that picks up the slack and gives him what he needs.

Choose the Best Supplement

There are a lot of supplements on the market; the number of choices can be overwhelming, especially if you have never shopped for a supplement for your dog before. Always do your research before you settle on one product. Choose a supplement that has all of the vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs. The best supplements target skin, coat, joints, bones and muscles, as well as eyes, teeth and other aspects of your dog’s body. You can find recommendations online or from your vet. You should also check out reviews from other dog parents like yourself.

NuVet Plus

One of the best supplements you can get for your dog is NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus is made of human-grade ingredients and contains everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy. For more information on NuVet Plus, including NuVet reviews and NuVet Plus reviews, as well as a secure way to order, visit our site:  NuVet Plus will help supplement your dog’s regular diet so you can be sure you are providing the best in nutrition for your best friend.

Durable Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

Durable Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

dog toys

Is your dog a heavy chewer? Does your dogs chew through toys in a matter of days? If this sounds like your canine companion, keep reading for a list of  durable dog toys for heavy chewers.

When choosing toys for your dog, it is important to choose toys that will keep him engaged and active. You should also choose dog toys that have high ratings for safety and durability.

Remember to choose toys that are specially designed for dogs; children’s toys and even cat toys are a no-go for a dog.

We’ve put together a list of the best indestructible dog toys in 2018, to help you narrow down your choices in the toy section at your favorite pet store.


A Kong toy filled with peanut butter or other small treats is a great toy to keep your dog engaged and his mind active. This type of toy also teaches him skills that are important in other areas of his doggie life. A Kong itself is made of molded rubber and is shaped in a way that prohibits most dogs from biting off tiny pieces. Just remember to supervise your pup when he is playing with a Kong; some dogs can get excited and choke on the treats inside the Kong.

KONG Variations

The KONG Extreme dog toy has the traditional time-tested design. It is light weight, and made off all-natural and very durable rubber. It has a snowman like shape and has a small hole at the bottom to hold tasty treats, like Fido’s NuVet supplements.

KONG Tires are exactly what the sound like. A tire shaped dog toy made out of all-natural and durable rubber. This version of the KONG can give your dog a few more options on how to hold it or play with it. It also allows the pet parent to put peanut butter on the interior of the tire for Fido to enjoy.

For tug of war enthusiasts, there is KONG Tugga Wubba. Unlike the previously mentioned KONG dog toys, this toy is made with reinforced nylon and tails on both ends. It is a durable option for an interactive tug toy and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Bone

This tough dog bone is not only durable, but it is water safe! It can be easily seen due to it’s bright colors and is light enough to float in water. The West Paw dog bone believes in it’s products durability and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

For pet parents who are germ conscious, this indestructible dog toy may be the perfect option. It is made of non-toxic materials, FDA-compliant, and easy to clean. To sanitize the tough dog bone, just put it on the top shelf of your dishwater and let it go through a cycle.


Did you know that there are puzzles made just for dogs? Many pet stores carry these toys now, or you can find a lot of great options online. When you help your dog work a doggy puzzle, it teaches him recognition and memory skills. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to bond.

Most of these puzzles are made of tough rubber or even molded plastic, so they are basically indestructible.

Tough Plus Dog Toy

If your dog is insistent on having a plush toy, go for the goDog Gators Chew Guard dog toy. It is made with a strong and durable liner and double stitched to withstand chewing.

Although plush toys are not ideal for a heavy chewer, this is one of the more durable plush toys currently available.

Tennis Balls

If you prefer to stick with the classics, consider a tennis ball. Tennis balls are one of the most popular dog toys around; these balls come in several sizes to meet the needs of most dogs.

Due to their round size and solid composition, they are nearly impossible to chew up or destroy. Plus, they are easy to find, so you can pick up a can of tennis balls whenever you hit the store.


The frisbee is another old stand-by. Frisbees are fun for you and your dog, and many pet parents can throw a frisbee further than they can toss other types of toys. Plus, the large surface area of a frisbee makes it easy for your pooch to catch on the run.

This gives your dog exercise, and is a great way to wear him out so he sleeps well at night. Best of all, it takes years of wear and tear and bite marks to destroy a frisbee, so this inexpensive toy is a great option.

Squeaker Mats

Most dogs love squeaky toys, but a lot of toys with just one or two squeakers can be destroyed in seconds by a large or determined dog.

Ky-Jen has a great line of squeaker mat toys in cute shapes like alligators and cows. These toys have 12 to 30 squeakers and are nearly indestructible. Plus, they are big enough for your dog to share his toy with another dog or even with you.

Happy and Healthy

While toys and treats keep your dog happy and engaged, a good diet is also a must. A high-quality dog food is important; grain-free varieties are best. A high-quality supplement is also imperative for a happy and healthy canine.

Choose one that is made with human-grade ingredients for best results. NuVet Plus is specially formulated with high-quality, human-grade ingredients, and is made to meet the nutritional needs of almost every dog. For more information, visit our website where you can place an order for the right supplements for your dog.

Dogs with Digestive Issues: You Can Help!

Dogs with Digestive Issues: You Can Help!


Many canine breeds are susceptible to digestive issues. The size of your canine companion can play a part in this, as well. It seems that many very large dogs, as well as many very small dogs have digestive issues.

If your furry friend is having some tummy troubles, the following tips can help you figure out what is going on and how to help your fur baby feel better.

Vet Visit

It is always helpful to get the advice of a trusted veterinarian. Many dog parents prefer to try a few home remedies first. However, if your dog’s digestive issues worsen, you should make an appointment with the veterinarian.

If your canine companion is experiencing any of the below signs of digestive issues, a vet appointment is recommended.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Significant weight loss
  • Change in stool type

When in doubt, ask your veterinarian! If you are unsure if these digestive issues are really a problem, or if your dog is just having an off day, call your vet’s office and explain why you are concerned. They can suggest a plan of action.

Pet Food

Many times, the answer to tummy troubles may be as simple as a change of food. Sometimes a particular food just won’t agree with your pooch’s stomach.

If you recently switched brands or types of food, this is probably the cause of your dog’s tummy problems. Even if your pet has been eating the same food for years, this could also be the culprit.

Once in a while, a dog food company will add or remove ingredients, or completely change the formula of a food. For more information on your dog’s current brand of food, or to choose a new one that might work better for his dietary needs, visit DogFoodAdvisor online.

Sneaky Dogs

Pet food is not the only type of food that can upset your pet’s stomach. Fido can sneak into the trash when  you aren’t home, or steal a table scrap when you get up for a glass of water. The scraps of food eaten throughout the day can easily cause temporary digestive issues.

If your pet is unable to get these troubling foods out of their system, make an appointment with your veterinarian.


Another way to help reduce tummy upset in your best friend is to add a supplement to their diet. Sometimes, commercially prepared pet foods just don’t have everything a dog needs to live up to his potential and enjoy good health. Choose a supplement that is made of human grade ingredients, and is manufactured in the United States to help your dog’s systems function properly.

One supplement that works well and gets great reviews from dog parents is NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus works to support your pet’s overall health from the inside out, and can help improve digestion.

For more information on NuVet Plus, including a list of NuVet ingredients and real-life stories from dog parents like you, visit us online. You can also place an order for the NuVet Plus wafers or powder at

Your pet deserves the best you can provide, and NuVet Plus can help you do that. Visit NuVet on Twitter to learn more.


There are several types of animals that must have daily exercise to keep their digestive system functioning properly. Horses, in particular, are very prone to digestive troubles if they aren’t up and moving enough. Did you know that this can also have an impact on your dog?

Helping Fido’s tummy can be as easy as incorporating one or two short walks into his daily routine. It’s a win for both of you – he gets the exercise he needs, and you get some fresh air and sunshine. As an added bonus, both of you might lose a pound or two and make some friends in the neighborhood in the process.

Hopefully the tips above will help you care for your furry friend! For more information about Fido, and how to optimize canine health, visit the NuVetonline blog.

Cat Health Care: The Basics of Caring for Your Cat

Cat Health Care: The Basics of Caring for Your Cat

While the best part of having a cat is snuggling with your soft, furry, four-legged pal, it’s also important to make your pet’s health a top priority. Cats, like all pets, have a health care routine that pet owners should abide by. Following the basics of cat health care will ensure that you give your feline friend the best chance to live a long, healthy and happy life.

The Basics of Cat Health Care

The first step in your cat health care routine should be regular visits to the veterinarian. Cats should see a veterinarian at least once a year. Yearly visits will ensure that your cat receives proper vaccinations and that an exam is performed by the doctor.

This allows the doctor to check for any potential health concerns, as well as monitor your cat’s growth and development. It’s also a good time to touch base with your doctor and ask any questions you might have.

Did You Know?

Many people don’t realize that grooming is also essential for your cat’s health. While you may not take your cat to the grooming salon on a regular basis, you should make it a point to brush their coat several times per week.

This helps prevent matting, and can also help prevent your cat from having hair balls. For the most part, cats bathe themselves, but brushing can help their coat look shiny, clean and healthy at all times.

Proper Nutrition

Nutrition should also be a priority when it comes to your cat’s health care. Choosing wholesome food is important, but even the highest-quality dry pet foods will not meet all of your pet’s nutritional needs.

Talk with your veterinarian about adding in a pet supplement, such as NuVet Plus, to your cat’s diet. This supplement is designed specifically for cats and will help to boost your cat’s immune system.

The NuVet Plus feline formula is a delicious, finely-granulated powder that can be easily sprinkled on your furry friend’s food. The addition of a superior pet supplement like NuVet Plus will help to fill the nutritional gaps in your pet’s diet.

For example, cat’s require taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid that the feline body cannot produce on it’s own. Therefore, it must be obtained through diet. The NuVet Plus feline formula would be able to provide your cat with the taurine it needs to thrive.

Fresh Water

Just like food and nutrients are important, so is water. Make sure you kitty has easy access to fresh water so they can stay hydrated. A rule of thumb is to replenish your feline friend’s water bowl once a day.

Dental Care

Just like your teeth need regular dental care, so does your cat’s teeth. During one of your regular visits to the vets office, talk with your veterinarian about how you should brush your cat’s teeth.

Some veterinarians will recommend using a toothbrush and toothpaste designed specifically for cats, while others might say a cotton swab with salt and water will work just as well. Your cat’s dental hygiene is important, because healthy gums can help prevent issues later on in your pet’s life.

A variety of individual factors will also impact the health care that your cat receives, including its breed, age and general health. Be sure to find a veterinarian that you trust and that you know has your pet’s best interest at heart. For more information on the NuVet Plus feline formula, visit the NuVet Labs website today.