NuVet Plus Ingredients

NuVet Plus Ingredients

What You Need to Know About NuVet Plus Ingredients

Just heard about NuVet and want to give it to your dog? As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to check anything you give your fur baby. Here at NuVet Labs, we guarantee your pet’s safety with our scientifically formulated nutritional supplement.

Here are some of the NuVet Plus Ingredients and the benefits they offer for canine and feline health:

  • Blue-Green Algae– Blue-Green Algae grows in running water and not in stagnant water. Our products are formulated with highest quality blue-green algae that is approved even for human consumption.
  • Calcium– each serving of NuVet Plus contains 100 milligrams of calcium. This mineral is an essential nutrient for the bone formation of both cats and dogs. Calcium in supplements is safe for pets as long as it is formulated with sufficient phosphorous.
  • Phosphorous– Our product contains 83 milligrams of this mineral per serving. It works hand in hand with Calcium to help keep the bones and teeth healthy.
  • Alfalfa– this is an herb known for its high protein content. It is effective in treating a number of sensitivities and skin conditions like dryness.
  • Brewer’s Yeast– it is a common ingredient in dog food and vitamins because it is rich in antioxidants. It is best known for its ability to thicken a dog’s coat and help make it look glossy. This is because of its amino acids and vitamins.
  • Shark Cartilage– Boosts the immune system, it is also helps expand mobility and flexibility.
  • Pine Bark– the extract of pine bark has many amazing benefits for canine health. It is known to help improve the circulatory system and prevents metabolic disorders. It is useful in treating several types of issues dogs and cats may experience.

Why Choose NuVet Plus for Your Pet

Regardless of your pet’s age or lifestyle, he or she will benefit from having a supplement in their diet. Be cautious, though, because not all vitamins and supplement for dogs and cats are guaranteed safe.

A tip in buying a supplement for your pup is to research the ingredients before buying. NuVet Plus ingredients are all natural and they are highest quality. All the ingredients in our products are listed on our website. Aside from the ones listed above, our products are also formulated with more vitamins and minerals. Let your pet enjoy the best of health by giving a well-balanced and healthy diet, along with our wafers and powder products.

If you want your pet to experience the NuVet Plus difference, you may place your order online. NuVet Labs has an order form, which you can access by visiting Telephone ordering is also allowed. Just give us a call at 800-474-7044.