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NuVet Labs Tips on How to Have a Controlled Walk with Your Dog

NuVet Labs Tips on How to Have a Controlled Walk with Your Dog

Like humans, your dog needs exercise too. It’s crucial to their health and wellbeing. Consider it as a form of bonding and healthy activity that you can enjoy and do together. At Nuvet Labs we agree that walking will not only make you healthier but also leaving your pup satisfied.

If your dog is not behaving well when you are taking them for a walk, try these effective tips that will help you have a full control over them.

Tip #1: You are the Alpha Dog

You have to keep in mind that you are in control. Your dog might keep on pulling you when you are walking because he forgets that you are the alpha dog. Make sure you remind the dog about this. Always exit or enter your home first before your dog. This will highlight your dominance over him. Keep the leash shorter so you can have better control.

Tip #2: Stop and be Firm

When your dog walks ahead of your, stop walking and firmly hold the leash. By doing this, you will instill dominance over your dog and it still stop. He will realize that doing such kind of behavior will make the walking stop. When calms down and stops pulling, you can continue walking. Be firm and have patience. Don’t rush things, teach him that pulling is a no-no when walking.

Tip #3: Walk Faster

The faster you walk the better cardio exercise your walk is going to be. It will also keep your pup from diverting his attention to distractions around him. If you notice that your dog seems scratchy, slow down a bit or stop for a moment.

 Tip #4: Decide When to Give Relief

You are in charge when to stop to allow your dog to relieve himself. If he behaves well and follows you, then this is the best time to allow him to have relief. Take the pause for your dog to do potty and sniff around. Make the decision to continue the walk if your pooch is finished relieving himself.

Tip #5: Your Pooch Deserves Special Treats!

Milk bones would be lovely treat for your dog after a tiring yet enjoyable walk. Make this is a special treat only for walks and after learning something from the walk experience. You are not only exercising your dog for good health but you are also training him for discipline.

Although there’ll be special treats that you may want to give your dog during these great bonding moments. We love Nuvet Plus for our pets and we encourage you to try it out too. Check out some of the Nuvet Reviews to find out more about the product.

Top 10 Dog Parks in the U.S.

Dog parks in the 21st century reflect the increased importance canines have in people’s lives. Well-planned, amenity-filled destinations, some of which charge membership fees, many dog parks entice people to travel hundreds of miles to experience them with their pooches.

Pilgrim Bark Park

This cozy one-acre public park is nestled in an artists’ colony in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Open year round from dawn to dusk, Pilgrim features uniquely painted amenities and specially-created art pieces throughout.

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline and Dog Park


With views of the Golden Gate Bridge from its 23 acres, this San Francisco-area attraction welcomes half a million pooches annually. Free to the public and open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., Point Isabel features full- and self-service bathing facilities, a retail shop and cafe that welcome your pet.

Freedom Bark Park

Five of 114 acres of former farmland in Lowell, Indiana, Freedom Bark Park is supported through membership fees. This park is green in all ways, with a solar drinking well and biodegradable waste bags.

Millie Bush Bark Park

Named for the former First Pooch, Millie Bush Bark Park sits on 15 acres in Houston. Open from 7 a.m. till dusk, it features three lakes and several clean-up stations. Fenced and double-gated, this dog park has shade areas, benches and water fountains.

Tompkins Square Dog Run

New York City’s oldest and most popular dog park, Tompkins Square is home to a famous Halloween dog costume parade each year. Daily, it offers three pools, shade areas for different sized dogs, and bathing and picnic areas.

Rocky Top Dog Park

Near Princeton, New Jersey, Rocky Top is almost six acres of woodlands, treated regularly for ticks. A well-maintained pond and two fenced acres are open to everyone, with smaller fenced areas dedicated to smaller dogs, members and puppies.

Newtown Dream Dog Park

A real dream-come-true for your pooch, Newtown in Jones Creek, Georgia offers trails, bridges, fire hydrant sprinklers, hoops, tunnels and water fountains within its one acre. Accessible from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., this park is open to all.

Dog Wood Park

Jacksonville, Florida’s 42-acre Dog Wood Park has over 25 fenced acres, agility courses, a swimming lake and trails. Fees are charged, but members can enter on their own from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Visitor hours vary with the day.

Shaggy Pines Dog Park

A membership-based park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the 15-acre Shaggy Pines features a swimming pond, digging mountain, bathing areas and more. You can even employ the Shaggy Shuttle to pick up your dog and take him to the park when you can’t.

Magnuson Dog Park

A nine-acre oasis in Seattle with a freshwater beach on Lake Washington, Magnuson offers an area for smaller or shy dogs. With wheelchair-accessible trails and a large off-leash area, this park is the city’s most popular doggie destination.

How to Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable at a New Dog Park

Dog parks provide both you and your dog with an opportunity to interact and socialize with other pets and their owners. While dog parks are very beneficial for your dog’s physical and emotional health, it can be an overwhelming experience for your four-legged pal. When you are checking out a new dog park, you will want to spend a few minutes introducing your dog to the new space and helping your dog feel calm, comfortable and at ease before you let it loose to play with all of its new friends.

  • Do your own research prior to bringing your dog to the park. Visit the new park several times without your dog at various times of the day in order to find a time that you feel suits your dog best. Some points of the day are busier than others, and you will want to know when your dog will feel most comfortable at this dog park.
  • Stand outside of the enclosed space with your dog when it first arrives. When a new dog shows up at the dog park, the other dogs are bound to be curious and interested in it. It can be overwhelming for your dog to be approached by several dogs at once. By standing outside the enclosure, you give the other dogs a chance to check out your dog without making your own pup feel insecure or scared.
  • Keep all of your attention focused on your dog while you are at the dog park. Your dog will feel confident with you by its side, and you can also monitor how your dog is playing with others at the dog park. If you sense that things are getting too rough or tense, you can remove your dog from the situation before your dog becomes scared or intimidated.

Before you know it, your dog will be running around the space as if he is a regular at this new dog park. Be sure that your dog feels energized and good enough to play by including an immune system booster, such as NuVet Plus, in its diet. This supplement will provide your dog with the immune support that it needs to stay healthy and energized, allowing you to enjoy years of fun at your new favorite dog park.