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5 Key Questions For Nuvet Labs Customers About Pet Supplements

The concept of providing pets with helpful supplements when they are experiencing health related issues may seem inherently silly to some. For those who are willing to visit with companies like Nuvet Labs, these types of supplements are brought into much clearer focus. So what are the most common questions asked by Nuvet Labs visitors about pet supplements?

We always want the best for our four legged friends, of course. That’s why it is important ask the following questions when speaking with Nuvet Labs representatives. Pet owners who take the time to do so are able to remove a great deal of stress and annoyance from their lives.

1) What Form of Supplement Should We Provide?

In most instances, the pet will benefit most from a supplement that is provided to them in the form of a powder or a liquid. The benefits of the supplement are also muted when it is provided in pill form because the supplement does not find its way to all of the most important parts of the animal’s digestive tract. The animal experiences a far greater sense of relief when the supplement is given to them in powder, wafer or liquid form.

2) Should The Animal Eat First?

Humans are often used to the idea that they should be taking their own supplements on an empty stomach. For an animal, the exact opposite will be true. They should be given their supplements at least 30 minutes before their morning mealtime. The pet’s stomach acid level is at its highest just after they have eaten. Providing them with a supplement at this moment may only mute the positive effects.

3) How Should The Supplement Be Stored?

When we have obtained the pet supplements and we are looking for the best way to store them, the fridge is typically considered to be our easiest choice. Supplements for pets are designed to contain forms of healthy nutrients. To ensure the highest level of effectiveness, be sure to store the supplements in a cool dry place or the fridge. This very simple step keeps them from potentially losing their potency.

4) Is The Dosage Level Important?

The dosage level of the supplement is certainly important but it is not nearly as crucial as the potency of the supplement. The precise amount that is being provided to the pet is important but not pivotal.  The amount of viable probiotics will vary greatly from item to item and this is the area that we must investigate. There is no need to spend a great deal of time worrying about specific dosage levels….within reason, of course.

5) Will The Pet Experience Discomfort?

In a number of cases, any discomfort that the pet experiences is caused by the food that they are being given and not the supplement. When we provide our pets with commercial pet chow that is not able to be digested properly, this causes the animal to experience additional discomfort. Giving our pets food that is much easier to digest and break down is what will keep them from experiencing discomfort.