Nuvet Vitamins

Nuvet Vitamins

How To Provide Your Pet With Nuvet Vitamins

When we have a pet who is in need of nuvet vitamins, the toughest part is often figuring out how to provide them. There are a number of pets that are simply too smart and too cunning to take their nuvet vitamins outright. Any pet owner who has tried and failed to supplement their four legged friend can definitely relate to the frustrations.

Knowing how to give your pet nuvet vitamins is important to their long term survival. ¬†Animals that fight against taking their own supplements can be a difficult situation to deal with. That’s why we have prepared this helpful list of pointers. The next time we are struggling to feed vitamins to our pets, this handy guide is here to offer assistance.

1) Use Powders and Solutions

Pets are simply too smart to take a pill. They do not have the level of trust that is required and to be quite honest, we cannot blame them for feeling that way. After all, would the average human take a pill that was just being handed to them without asking a few more questions first? Of course not. So why would we ever expect our pets to behave in such a way?

Luckily, there are ways around these sorts of difficulties and we are able to provide our pets with the supplement that they require without having to coax a pill down their throats. With powders and tasty wafers the pet is able to receive their supplement and we are able to avoid the annoyance that comes with an animal who has learned all of the tricks on how to avoid taking it.

2) Conceal The Vitamins

Even if we are able to find the proper solutions and powders to provide to our pet, there are a few other important considerations to make. For example, if the pet sees us tapping out a bunch of powder onto their kibble? They are bound to become skeptical and not want to eat the food that is typically being provided for them by their owner.

That’s why we must take the time and effort to conceal the vitamins for our pet’s own good. When we use solutions and powders, the animal is able to receive far greater benefits. Allowing the pet to catch a glimpse of their own supplements is what often keeps them from having the willingness to take it. It is important to keep this crucial fact in mind.

3) Pretending To Take The Vitamins Ourselves

Our pets often look to us as pack leaders that are supposed to be leading the way. If we are trying to make them take supplements that we are not going to be taking ourselves? This is something that simply cannot stand. That’s why so many pet owners will find a way to make it look as if they are also taking the supplement. Everyone knows pets always want what is on our plate more than their own anyway.

This is a powerful form of reverse psychology that can change the way an animal views their supplement. Instead of seeing them as something that needs to be avoided, the pet views them in a totally different manner. They want to be just like their pack leader and we can certainly use this mentality to their advantage.